Meme crypto or digital gold? Crypto leaders shares where markets are heading

Meme crypto or digital gold? Crypto leaders shares where markets are heading

BRIAN SAVANOVA: There is much to take in. It’s a global market and we have tremendous support from all around the world. This is an event I’ve always thought was the best year of the financial markets. The most important thing for me is that this whole global movement is happening right now.

What I saw was people coming out and saying, “We have a new digital currency that allows everybody to own, buy and sell, it allows everyone to own. We want to do this first as fast, we want to do it quickly. And then the next day when we send an order, and we say, ‘Oh, you got this. Let’s show up and buy and sell,'” that’s just not going to happen.

DRONEL KURTIG, REPORTER: We have been seeing this type of thing for some time — the currency that everyone seems to be talking about in a way that says, “I’m not sure we really need this. Or that it’s going to be a problem to buy. Why hasn’t we asked before? Now what?”

We’ll stop talking, I think, in a year about crypto as a whole — and start talking about the Ethereum ecosystem or the bitcoin value proposition,” Pernod Riccardi testified.

He said the cryptocurrency “seems like a nice idea to me.”

“I think the biggest misconception we’ve found over the last year or so — the lack of hype or hype around cryptocurrencies and why they do what they do — is that crypto is a new kind of space.”

But with an all-or-nothing outcome, he said, “you shouldn’t say that Bitcoin will never come as a payment service.”

At the same time, Riccardi said he is not worried by the blockchain-based protocol’s lack of credibility or its potential impact on the economy.

Still, he said he expects developers in the crypto space to use the “totally independent” Ethereum platform, rather than bitcoin or other currencies.

“I think we haven’t really figured out a way at this point to get back into the world of ICOs, and I haven’t fully figured out what that means,” he said.

He added that he is also not expecting the cryptocurrency community to “give up on this [development] until the day we lose its influence.”

The first category is what broadly termed “meme coins” such as dogecoin, a digital token that originally started as a joke meme about a video game where players would “play on” an object based on the game’s rating (though, in many ways, the meme was not really about the game rating).

Then there are the digital tokens—the digital tokens used all over cryptocurrencies with the exception of the altcoins and digital coins whose digital currency (or coin) is a digital coin of some sort rather than an altcoin.

A lot of the money that people use in the virtual world is, as Brody said, created by people, not by those who own and use virtual currency. And even to those who are not connected to the physical world, the currency creates such a connection that there is a huge amount of trust that users’ money is not in a place where they are not being trusted, and that’s a hard value to manipulate because there is no right monetary or technical reason to hold.

The second category, one that I’m sure other Bitcoiners will get to eventually address, is the digital currency itself. It goes back to what you see when you go online as a little kid or when I had to work in a café or put my iPhone up on a TV.

The digital token has often been cited as a potential competitor to gold as a hedge against inflation and safe-haven asset price volatility. However, since 2015, it has been criticized as an unsafe haven and used as a currency by some investors as it’s not backed by the proper currency and/or any other legal tender.

As its price has grown in recent days, the blockchain has seen its price increase. The value of its digital tokens soared more than 50 percent by the end of February. Additionally, the virtual token is now valued at US$45,700 on Binance.

This is all to say there has been some interest on Bitcoin on this side of the fence so long as these two currencies are traded through the blockchain. If you follow the token on Binance, you can get more information. You can always check out more info here (hint: You may also want to check out the Bitcoin Foundation’s BitGo list).

Also, I want to be clear that for investors who want to purchase gold, I am not going to be covering the sale. There is nothing that can change my value. I simply would rather not be making any decision that will leave my portfolio.

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