Trump mocks Sleepy Joe for nodding off during COP26 climate change conference in Scotland

Former US President Donald Trump mocked his successor Joe Biden for appearing to fall asleep on Monday, 1 November, before his speech at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. According to the New York Post, Trump, in an email blast, implied that the snooze indicates that Biden doesn’t truly believe global warming is a dire threat. He reportedly said that even Biden couldn’t stand hearing so much about the “Global Warming hoax, the 7th biggest Hoax in America”.

Trump said that Biden went to Europe saying Global Warming is his highest priority, however, he then “promptly fell asleep, for all the world to see, at the Conference itself”. “Nobody that has true enthusiasm and belief in a subject will ever fall asleep,” Trump added.

Biden was caught seemingly napping during the opening remarks at the COP26 climate change conference on Monday. He appeared to close his eyes and nap for at least 22 seconds until an aid whispered something into his ear. He then rubbed his eyes when Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi took the stage.

Joe Biden fell asleep during the #COP26 Glasgow Conference. — nobby (@nobby_saitama) November 1, 2021

It is to mention that Biden is the oldest-ever president and he turns 79 this month. The former US President had nicknamed Biden “Sleepy Joe” during the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump had even accused Biden of being mentally “shot”.

US President Joe Biden accused of falling asleep during a speech at climate change conference COP26-

US President Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep for 30 seconds before an aide came over to whisper into his ear. Picture: Washington Post

He opens his eye when an aide whispers something into the President’s ear.

Mr Biden appeared to wipe his eyes once the adviser leaves before turning his attention back to the end of the speech as the rest of the room applauded.

Some Twitter users labelled the 46th US President a “mess” while one others were simply baffled how someone could appear to fall asleep during an important conference.

President Biden apologised during the climate summit for his predecessor Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord that set the world back.

“I guess I shouldn’t apologise, but I do apologise for the fact that the United States and the last administration pulled out of the Paris accords and put us sort of behind the eight ball a little bit,” he said without mentioning his name on Monday.

He stressed global warming is one of the biggest challenges in our “lifetimes” and will be a “threat to human existence” if the world did not come together to find a solution.

“Right now, we are falling short, there’s no time to hand back, sit on the fence or argue amongst ourselves,” he said.

“This is the challenge of our collective lifetimes, an existential threat to human existence as we know it and every day we delay the cost of inaction increases.”

Prior to the conference he said he was disappointed countries “not only Russia and China” did not show up with commitments to combat climate change.

Trump mocks Sleepy Joe for nodding off during COP26 climate change conference in Scotland-

Trump’s comments came after his political team announced that he was holding a virtual rally on the election eve of Virginia’s governor race on behalf of Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee.

The president looked to be dozing off as one speaker underscored the importance of taking action to save the climate

Former president of the United States Donald Trump, 75, bashed into President Biden for falling asleep at the COP26 international climate change conference, suggesting that his successor doesn’t truly care about the issue, which he refers to as a ‘hoax’. Pictured: Former first lady and president of the US Melania (left) and Donald Trump look on prior to the Game Four of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves on October 30, in Atlanta, Georgia

President Biden, who is the oldest person to assume the presidency, was captured getting some shut-eye for the better part of half a minute while disability activist Eddie Ndopu underscored the importance of taking action to save the climate in a pre-recorded message.

He then opened his eyes and appeared to lighten up when an aide walked up to him to chat.

Soon after, Biden sat forward and rubbed his eyes as Italy’s prime minister took the stage. The latest slip from the president came just hours after he reverted to pre-approved list of reporters when asking questions at the end of the G20 summit in Rome.

The 78-year-old Biden and his fitness for the job have been scrutinized by critics while his dropping poll numbers have put pressure on his administration and mounting crises he faces.

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